My Favourite New Fashion App!

A new app that I’ve discovered recently that I’m absolutely loving is called 21 Buttons. If you haven’t heard of the app called “Like To Know It”, it’s an app for fashion influencers to share links for their outfits in their Instagram posts and they make a commission off of it. However, in order to post your own images on their you have to submit an application and get approved. They are mainly looking for influencers with a large following. I myself do not have a large following on Instagram but I would love to grow my account and serve as “fashion inspo” for people.


However, the 21 Buttons app is open to all people no matter how many people follow you! This app also links to your Instagram account, so you can select your recent post and start tagging your clothes!

IMG_0130.jpeg  IMG_0131.jpeg

This is what my account looks like with my recent Instagram posts. The white dots are the links to each clothing item. So when you’re getting ready to post, you tap where you want the white dot to be and you type in the brand of your clothing item and look for it. If you can’t find the item you do have the option to go on the website and link it from there, so no matter what you can always link your item!

When someone’s interested in one of your items all they have to do is click on one of the dots and it’ll pop up with the item, the item name, and the price, and you can save it to your wishlist or visit the website to purchase it!

Over time when people purchase the items you’re wearing, you can make a commission off their sales and it will look like this:


As you can see I haven’t made anything yet because you need to build your profile and make it more popular first, but you can check how much you’re making, which is really good too!

They also have an option to share your profile on your Instagram story, and it will look like this:


This is really good too because it allows you to connect with your followers and let them have the actual links to your outfit pieces.

I definitely recommend this app if you want to make fashion more serious in your life and be consistent with it. It’s so quick and easy to upload from your Instagram and just share instantly!

I hope you guys liked this post and found it interesting!


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