Are you a fan of Camo Print?? – Angl Clothing & Missguided

I have been so obsessed with these camo trousers since the day I saw them! I have always wanted the perfect pair that’s also flattering, without looking too poofy!

IMG_5051.jpegThe ones I’m wearing here are from Angl Clothing. These are ridiculously comfy and so flattering on my figure. I also love the scrunched ankle. I’m 5’4″, which isn’t too short, but sometimes I do have issues with trousers looking too long and hiding my shoes, but because these scrunch up like joggers I can wear whatever pair of shoes and they won’t get hidden!


Here is what they look like on the model. In person they’re much more high waisted, but that could also be because she is taller than I am.

Another thing I love about these is that they make your butt look fuller! Perfect for me because my boobs are quite large and I could do with some balance.

MG_1237_6f5ff9c3-fa70-4996-b43d-01b7236bfc01.jpg  MG_1233.jpgThis is what the front and back looks like. As you can see the pockets on the back give an enhanced, fuller look!
The only thing that’s bad about these is that they don’t have many sizes. I’m wearing a M and I’m not exactly big. This store in general just needs more size options.

Get these Camo Military Style High Waisted Pants here

I’ve also found 3 pairs of camo trousers from Missguided:premium-gray-camo-printed-cargo-pants.jpgpremium-khaki-camo-printed-cargo-pants.jpgpremium-khaki-chain-camo-cargo-pants.jpgThese are all the same pair of trousers, but in different colors. Out of all of these, my favorite pair is the grey ones. Since I already have a pair of green camo trousers I might just have to get the grey ones too! I also like these because they have that scrunchy ankle as well as the back pockets.

Get all 3 of these Premium Camo Printed Cargo Pants here

What do you think of camo trousers?? Would you wear any of these? Would you wear camo in a different way? Let me know!



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