Snake Print! Are you into this trend? – Topshop, Asos, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, & Steve Madden

The animal print trend has been around for a while and we see it incorporated into many different outfit pieces and looks. One animal print that I’m obsessing over is the snake print. It has a very classy and sleek look to it and it can make your outfit go from simple to “out there”, but in a delicate way. Personally, I think snake print and denim look amazing together.

The first snake print piece I’ve seen recently that has really drawn me into the trend is a snake print blouse. I’ve found these two from Topshop and Asos, which are both gorgeous, but both out of stock at the moment:

The first one from Topshop has more of a warm, brown tone to it. This blouse would look gorgeous tucked into some bleach or light blue mom jeans, with some clear heels or nude sandals. I would also throw a white coat or a fur coat over it. Such a simple outfit but the snake print just makes it stand out! This blouse is currently out of stock and I’m dying to purchase it, so I’m going to keep my eye on it and buy it as soon as it’s back in stock!

The second one from Asos is a bodysuit with an open drape cut at the front. This one is more dressy than the one from Topshop but I would still wear it with blue mom jeans. The Topshop one is more wearable, but this one is also very stunning to wear out in the evening. This one is also out of stock, but I’m going to keep a look out for this one too!

The Snake Print Long Sleeve Shirt is linked here
The Missguided Tall plunge body in snake print is linked here

The next outfit style I’m adoring is a snake print co-ord set. I’ve found two, one from Missguided and one from Asos:

multi-snake-biker-shorts--top-co-ord.jpg  21134-group-1.jpg

The first set from Missguided has more of a beige/brown tone to it, which would look gorgeous with an oversized denim jacket in a medium blue color. Would also wear this with white or black reebok classics and it would literally be a perfect transitional outfit from summer to fall.

The second outfit from Asos is more of that white/grey snake print, which again I think would look amazing with an oversized denim jacket, but in more of a light blue or bleach wash. I would also wear this with the white or black reebok classics. I think this outfit does have more of a summer look, but I would wear that crop top with some mom jeans and a beige coat and wear it as a winter outfit. I personally prefer this co-ord set to the first one just because the crop top is longer and it’s just more wearable.

Get the Multi Snake Biker Shorts & Top Co Ord from Missguided here
Get the Fashionkilla Longline Crop Top & Shorts in Snake Print Two-Piece from Asos here

This next piece I’ve found is so sleek and delicate and I’m living for it! It’s a snake print bodysuit from Asos:


I love how in the picture the bodysuit is paired with white, wide-leg trousers. It literally makes the perfect dinner or going out outfit. Again, I would also wear this bodysuit with bleach or light blue mom jeans because I just think the colors compliment each other so well.

Get the Missguided Snake Print Cami Body here

Snake Trousers! I’ve found 3 pairs from Pretty Little Thing that are absolutely gorgeous.

b75606f2a9beb2df491e1784d7934fc462325666_cly0213_1.jpg  e092d33916d27c47771869ba57dd638d6250687a_CLV2308_1.jpg  89c723a132f803a7b58d1629842c83f2f0ed0dc7_CLU8086_1.jpg

The first pair are wide-leg trousers with a larger snake print that mainly goes down the front. I think these would look amazing with a sleek black blouse tucked in. A white blouse would look good too but I think it could look a bit washed out, whereas black would make the outfit stand out a bit better.

The second pair has a smaller snake print and they’re slimmer. I love the zip detailing at the front and I think these could be worn dressed up or casually as well. I would pair these with a black or white bodysuit with long sleeves, and throw on an oversized beige coat for winter.

The third pair has a more tan color to it, which I absolutely love! I think these ones are easier to wear because they’re more neutral and I think they can go with more tops.

Get the Grey Snake Printed Wide Leg Trouser here
Get the Grey Front Zip Snake Print Trouser here
Get the Taupe Faux Leather Snake Print Slim Leg Trousers here

The next snake print piece I’ve found is a faux fur coat from Asos:


A snake print fur coat doesn’t really make sense but I love it! This is very “in your face” and this one is stepping outside of your comfort zone a bit, but I would still wear it. I’d mainly wear it with blue mom jeans and a white top because I think any other colors would just be too much.

Get the Jakke Mid Length Faux Fur Coat in Snake here

Clothing pieces with snake prints are gorgeous, but lets not forget about shoes!
I saw this gorgeous pair of trainers from Steve Madden:


I would only wear these with very simple outfits because they are a bit much, but with blue mom jeans or black trousers or white trousers I think they’d look amazing! I wouldn’t wear beige with them though, because although they are a black and white snake pattern they do have a warm undertone to them and I personally think beige would just clash.

Get the Slip-On Platform Sneakers here

What do you think of snake print clothing pieces? Would you wear any of these? Comment below!



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