Oversized Coats! What coats are you wearing this winter?? – Topshop, Missguided, Showpo & Asos

Coat season is creeping up on us and it’s time to pick out what coats you want in your wardrobe! This winter I’ve decided to get into the oversized coat trend. I love the idea of wearing something casual and sleek underneath, and then having a humungous oversized coat to dress up your winter outfit.
I haven’t bought any of these yet but I plan on getting a few when the weather in California turns colder!

These first two coats are from Topshop

topshop-borg-coat.jpg  TS07D01NIVR_M_1.jpg

The first coat has more of a teddy coat look to it, but it’s an oversized version. This coat is a gorgeous pale brown color that would look really good with a white top and some mom jeans.

The second coat is definitely more oversized and has more of an intense look to it. I love how oversized the collar is and how it really sets off the outfit. This one is a pale cream color, which I think would literally go with everything. I think I may definitely get this one because I can literally see myself wearing it all the time.

Get the Borg Coat (coat #1) for $130 here
Get the Boucle Coat (coat #2) for $150 here

The next coat I’ve found is from Missguided


This one is oversized but it has more of a fitting waist, which I think would suit a sleek black outfit. I would pair this with slim black jeans, a black bodysuit, and some black ankle boots. It would look good with other outfits too, but I would mostly wear this when I’m wearing a fitted outfit underneath.

Get the Camel Double Breasted Faux Wool Coat for $67 here

The next coat I’ve found is from Showpo


This one is very similar to the Borg Coat from Topshop, but it’s a bit longer and has more of an oversized look. This one is also more affordable than the Topshop one and I think the shade of beige is a bit more wearable.

Get the Impressionist Jacket In Beige Teddy for $76.95 here

The next 4 coats I’ve found are from Asos


I’ve found another oversized teddy coat that is even cheaper than the one from Showpo! This one is slightly different because it has large pockets on the side, but I personally love how the pockets look, they add a bit of extra detailing to the whole coat.

Get the New Look Teddy Coat for $64 here

I’ve also found this coat from Asos that looks very similar to the Boucle Coat from Topshop:


This one is a little bit different. It’s brighter and the buttons are smaller, but it still has a very similar vibe to the Topshop one. I wouldn’t wear this one with black clothes though because I think the contrast would be a bit too harsh.

Get the Glamorous Double Breasted Coat In Textured Wool for $119 here

Last but not least, I found these two coats from Asos that are the most gorgeous, pastel cream color:

8471132-1-cream.jpg  9502459-1-cream.jpg

They literally look so similar, but one has a turned up collar and the other one doesn’t. I absolutely love the color though, they kind of have a soft, ashy purple undertone to them!

Get the ASOS Oversized Coat with Funnel Neck for $119 here
Get the ASOS DESIGN Cocoon Coat in Texture With Tab for $103 here

What do think of oversized coats? Are you into this trend? What coats are you wearing this season? Leave your comments below!




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