YEEZY inspired wishlist with Pretty Little Thing

One thing we all know about the Yeezy line is that it’s ridiculously expensive! A lot of Yeezy clothes tend to be very simple, so it can be frustrating when you want to incorporate some of their pieces into your wardrobe, but don’t want to spend buckets of money.

I’ve just ordered a few pieces from Pretty Little Thing that are Yeezy inspired and very affordable!

paris-kim-1-2000.jpg  94467E66-5F92-4D4C-9AB1-91E075E0607B-e1512506347852.jpg

Based off of these two outfits from Kim I decided to purchase these items:

IMG_4215.jpg  IMG_4220.jpg

Obviously these joggers aren’t exactly the same colors as the ones Kim is wearing, but they have a very similar vibe and I think they work as great dupes for the Yeezy versions! I ordered them both in a size 2.

Get the Grey Casual Joggers for $30 here
Get the Stone Pocket Detail Cargo Trouser for $38 here

For the Yeezy tops she’s wearing, I’ve found these, which I believe have a very similar vibe!
IMG_4224.jpeg  IMG_4225.jpg

I haven’t ordered these yet but I think they would both go incredibly well with the joggers to recreate a Yeezy look!

Get the Charcoal Grey Jersey Square Neck Crop Top for $9 here
Get the Basic Taupe Jersey Square Neck Crop Vest for $10 here

Another Yeezy outfit from Kim that I LOVE is this one:

I love the soft white top with the casual grey joggers! I found dupes on Pretty Little Thing listed below! I haven’t ordered either of them because they don’t have my size, but I definitely would when they come back in stock!

IMG_4227.jpg  FullSizeRender.jpg

Get the White Twist Front Short Sleeve Crop Top for $10 here
Get the Ash Grey Casual High Waisted Jogger for $30 here

The Yeezy line also has some sweatshirt/hoodies that Kim wears in these outfits:

DD15224D-0340-4FC9-9779-77000EF9AA00-620x691.jpg  8f74c05053c69611813df336a4c5b04c.jpg

For the first, darker sweatshirt she wears I’ve basically found a dupe! The one I’ve found doesn’t look as faded as the Yeezy one, but it’s very similar. For the oversized beige hoodie she’s wearing, I’ve found something very similar, it’s just a lighter shade of beige. Here is what I’ve found:

IMG_4222.jpg  IMG_4219.jpg

Get the Charcoal Blue Zip Front Sweater for $25 here
Get the Sand Ultimate Oversized Hoodie for $30 here

Here are some other items I’ve ordered from Pretty Little Thing that I think have a Yeezy vibe to them:
IMG_4216.jpg  IMG_4217.jpg

Get the Off White Off Shoulder Sweater for $18 here
Get the Sand Ultimate Cropped Sweater for $25 here

These may not entirely be Yeezy dupes, but I think the off white/cream colors and the sweatshirt look definitely fits the Yeezy vibe! I ordered the first one in a size 2, and the second one in a size S.

I haven’t ordered these ones yet, but I’m absolutely in love! The tan/caramel beige is such a gorgeous color!

IMG_4218.jpeg  IMG_4221.jpg

Get the Sand Zip Ultimate Crop Sweat for $25 here
Get the Sand Zip Front Crop Hoodie for $28 here

They don’t have my size in the first one but I would’ve ordered it if they had my size!

Pretty Little Thing has so many Yeezy inspired items, these are just the ones I picked out. Visit their website for more options!

I hope you guys liked this blog, comment below what you think of this post!



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