How to transition your casual summer look into a casual fall look! – Zara, Topshop, Asos

I absolutely love a casual outfit that incorporates mom jeans. Mom jeans are the ultimate casual look, but they also have different vibes. The color of the jeans really affects whether your look is summery or wintery, and transitioning from summer to fall is important!

Here I have two looks of mine:

FullSizeRender-2.jpeg  IMG_4190-1.jpeg

The first look is much brighter, with lighter mom jeans and a bright white shirt. This is one of my favorite everyday summer outfits because it’s so casual, but chic, and you can wear it to many different occasions.

The second look is a more burnt version of the first outfit. The jeans have a little more depth to them and they have some darker undertones in the fabric. The t-shirt is a camel color, which is one of my favorite fall colors to wear. It still sets off the outfit and makes it look chic, but because this outfit has a deeper tone to both the t-shirt and the jeans it looks more suited for fall.

Being able to transition your favorite summer outfits into a fall outfit is especially helpful when the weather doesn’t change that much. As I live in California there’s barely any difference in temperature between summer and fall, but I still want to wear more fall colors, and this is how to do it!

The first outfit is entirely from Topshop: 

TS30B26NIVR_M_1.jpg  TS02M02NBLC_Zoom_M_1-1.jpg

Get the Asymmetric Blouse here

Get the Bleach Mom Jeans here

The second outfit is entirely from Zara: 

1660803710_1_1_1.jpg  8197232441_1_1_1.jpg

Get the Color Washed T-shirt here

Get the Authentic Denim Mom Fit Jeans here

I’ve also found very similar items on Asos if you’re interested!

These items are very similar to my Topshop outfit:

9881332-1-white.jpg  7404202-1-lightblue.jpg

Get the ASOS DESIGN boxy top with contrast buttons here

Get the Monki taiki high waist mom jeans here

These items are very similar to my Zara outfit: 

new-look-Tan-Button-Shoulder-Tee.jpg  9831401-1-richstonewashblue.jpg

Get the New Look Button Shoulder Tee here

Get the ASOS DESIGN Recycled Ritson rigid mom jeans in in rich stonewash blue here

The shade and tone of your outfits really makes the difference between summer and fall! Hope this helps if anyone wants some help with transitioning to fall outfits xxx


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